Solid Surface in Offices

The equipment and furnishing of offices and staff break rooms has a significant impact on team performance. Comfortable work environment promotes productivity and improves general mood, which clients will notice too!
Work environment should be pleasant, meet the needs of the staff and serve as the face of the company. You can achieve this with solid surface by combining excellent design with practicality.

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For Offices we offer:

  • Reception counters;
  • Office desks;
  • Meeting tables;
  • Display units;
  • Office furniture;
  • Creation of wall linings.

Reception desks
If you want to make a lasting impression on your clients by creating an exclusive reception counter, solid surface will be the most appropriate material because it can be formed into the most incredible shapes, shades and configurations with lighting elements, graving or company logo worked into it.

Office desks
Creative and innovative work environment – the office table where a large part of the day is spent – will increase the employees’ motivation and productivity. Solid surface can be used to create office desks that will be a good alternative to customary wooden textures, visually attractive and practical.
Solid surface can be used for the lining of metal constructions, to create a table of any size by adding a system for adjusting the table height, create colour combinations, install a logo, electrical outlets, monitors and keyboards.

Meeting tables
A custom made solid surface meeting table, based on the client’s needs, the possibilities on the premises and properties of the material, can become a central element in any office, ensuring a perfect look and the highest quality requirements. A meeting table can be large, small, round, with corners, curved; solid surface can be combined with other materials, such as natural wood, glass, metal constructions. The colour shade of the meeting table can be matched to the main colours of your company logo or the room décor; a large spectrum of solid surface shades is available.

Advantages of Solid Surface in the Office

Invisible seams

No matter what materials you use, large surfaces need to be combined from several pieces of the construction. Solid surface can be joined invisibly, thus obtaining large monolithic surfaces, such as a large meeting table or wall panels with invisible seams, achieving a monolithic look, which is not only aesthetic but also completely hygienic because dirt and bacteria will not accumulate in the seams.

Resistant to everyday wear

Work surfaces are subjected to intensive everyday use; therefore the choice of material is very important to avoid having to perform regular renovations and paying extra.

Solid surface is resistant to:

  • Stains and spilled liquids;
  • UV influence, preserving the shade of the material.

It will not lose physical properties and will maintain its look for several years.


  • Solid surface products are monolithic and non-porous, which ensures easy cleaning of the surfaces.
  • No special chemicals are necessary for maintenance.
  • Easy to restore.

Modern look

  • Limitless design opportunities thanks to the physical properties of the material and thermoforming.
  • Large selection of shades.
  • The material can be combined with metal or wooden constructions.

Pleasant to touch

  • Solid surface takes on the temperature of the room; therefore it is not as cold as, for example, concrete, quartz, or granite.
  • Solid surface is pleasant to touch.