Kitchen surface manufacturing standards

SIA KORTE – Kitchen surface manufacturing standards

Conditions may be individually adjusted.
Corrections to the conditions must be agreed in writing.

1. Surface overhang is 30-40 mm over the block and 5 mm over the decorative panels.
2. Stove top is placed in the centre of a stove cabinet.
3. Only those stove tops are sunken that are meant to according to the instructions manual or stoves with technical parameters that allow it.
4. Sinks are placed in the centre of the sink cabinet.
5. Tubes are worked into the surface by making an oblong cut from the surface side; after inserting the tube, the cut is not treated. Surface treatment behind the tube is a paid service.
6. Sink grooves are a free service only if agreed beforehand and installed in the workshop.
7. The front profile of the surface and around the sink is R3.
8. Mixer tap location should be agreed during measurements or installation. Separate visit for corrections – starting from 45 EUR.
9. Connection of sanitary ware and electricity is not included into the installation service.
10. When measuring the surface contour, the starting point is not the wall relief but the wall angle.
11. Following the guidelines of the material manufacturer, technological gaps are left between the surface and the wall or contact points with other objects that are filled with silicone of a similar colour to prevent the surface from deforming.
12. Satin finish is used for kitchen worktops and other places with extensive use.
13. On-site measurements are more binding than sketches.
14. The lower side of the products is white laminate. Laminate of a different colour is a paid service.
15. Wall panels are installed up to 2 mm away from the walls and furniture blocks.