Solid Surface in Healthcare

In healthcare, hygiene is one of the most important conditions. Solid surface is non-porous – it does not absorb liquids and does no promote formation of microbes and mould, thus decreasing the possibility of infection.

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Solid surface products have invisible monolithic seams, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also prevents accumulation of dirt in the seams. This material is approved in the European Union, holds an LGA QualiTest GmbH hygiene certificate, and is widely used in different fields of healthcare:

  • in hospitals,
  • in care centres, retirement homes,
  • dental clinics,
  • laboratories.

A wide spectre of colours and textures of the material is available, which allows finding neutral tones to promote faster recovery for patients. Hygienic properties of the material make it suitable for many medical interior solutions:

  • reception and information counters;
  • sink surfaces in public toilets and in sanitary facilities in patient rooms;
  • for wall linings in surgical units and patient rooms;
  • for specialized surgical sink units.
Surgical Unit Sinks has created a special design of surgical sinks, taking into account the needs of medical institutions and the properties of solid surface – their advantage is gently sloping shapes, which makes cleaning the sinks even easier. The sinks can be installed separately or combined into units. Sink units can be made in different sizes with different sets of components – with back and side panels, with containers for disinfectant and cleaning solutions, mixer taps, etc.