Solid Surface in the Bathroom

Bathroom surface must have several properties – it must be comfortable to use, resistant to contact with water, soap, cosmetics, and must be visually attractive at the same time. Thus, when choosing material for a bathroom, one should take into account that the material must be non-porous, easy to clean and durable, and if necessary, easy to restore.

Vannas istabas virsma ar izlietni un ūdenslīsti
Vannas istabas virsma ar izlietni un ūdenslīsti
Vannas istabas virsma ar izlietni un ūdenslīsti
Vannas istabas virsma ar izlietni
Vannas istabas virsma ar izlietni
Vannas istabas virsma ar izlietni
Vannas istabas izlietne
Vannasistabas virsma un vannas apdare
Vannasistabas virsma un vannas apdare
Vannas apdare un virsma
Vannas istabas sienu apšuvums un dušas paliknis
Vannas istabas virsma ar izlietni
Vannas istabas virsma ar izlietnēm
Vannas istabas virsma ar izlietni un ūdenslīsti

For Bathrooms we offer:

  • Monolithic bathroom surfaces with sink installed;
  • Shower trays;
  • Bath linings (panels and linings of the bath top);
  • Wall panels;
  • Shelves.

The selection is available for custom orders – we will produce and install quality products that meet your requirements.

Bathroom sinks

We have developed several standard bathroom sink models. If you cannot find a sink that meets your requirements in the catalogue, we will create a new, custom design. The sink will be installed in the surface with invisible seams, ensuring a monolithic and elegant look.

Custom sizes/sketches, taking measurements on site

We ensure accurate production of quality products using custom measurements. Taking into account the diversity of rooms and the fact that in most cases walls are not perfectly level, but accuracy for a perfect bathroom surface or sink is especially important, we offer taking measurements on site. Our specialist will visit your site and take necessary measurements using modern equipment, which we will then use to create a very accurate surface specifically for your bathroom.

We will turn any of your ideas into reality!

You can visit many stores and browse through countless catalogues and still not find what you are looking for. Our advantage is that we can create exactly what you have in mind; moreover, we offer a large selection of colours to make your dreams come true. We can create a small surface with a small sink in a narrow bathroom with enough space for everything or a large sink with enough space for two in rushed mornings; a modern or a classic one.
Monolithic, both to the eye and to touch, solid surface can become the most attractive object in any bathroom. Solid surface is the most functionally flexible material found on the market because the same material can be used for wall linings, shower tray, the surface and sink to create a unique design. Durable, non-porous, hygienic and easy to clean, solid surface requires little everyday maintenance and ensures a modern attractive look.

Solid surface in commercial objects and public places

Solid surface due to its durability, hygienic and design properties is perfectly suitable not only for your bathroom but also public places with a large flow of people where it is important that the product is resistant to intensive everyday use and easy to maintain.

We offer creating solid surface projects in public places such as:

  • hotels,
  • restaurants,
  • bars,
  • hospitals,
  • supermarkets.
Advantages of Solid Surface in the Bathroom


Solid surface is homogeneous, hard, non-porous waterproof material; therefore it will not absorb fats, dirt, and liquids, which will be easy to clean off.


Solid surface is resistant to everyday wear and with easy maintenance will preserve its excellent look for years.

Wide range of colours, textures and shapes

More than a hundred of different shades and material textures are available, which can be combined, for example: the surface and the sink in different colour shades. At high temperature the material can be industrially bent into different shapes, bringing the most ambitious design ideas to reality.

Wide possibilities for design

Solid surface offers unique design solutions for bathrooms; it can be used with lighting (choosing material with high permeability of light), engraved, and combined.