Meganite® samples

Price Group – 2

Price Group – 3

Price Group – 3 (Translucent Materials)

Price Group – 4

Price Group – 5

Price Group – 5 (Translucent Materials)

Price Group – 7

Price Group – 8

* This is a dark, highly pigmented decor. Scratches and dust are more visible on it than on lighter, textured decors. These decors are not recommended for use in areas where the surface is used intensively (eg kitchen worktops), scratches are not subject to warranty service.

** Decor with a pattern, joints may be visible.

*** The decor has a metallic pearl on the surface. Pearls may be present at the joints of the material
less or not at all. The metallic pearl has a laying direction, and depending on the angle of incidence of the light, it may be possible to see the glued pieces of material in the finished product.

**** Translucent decor. Can be illuminated. A substructure may be visible. Seam spots may be visible. When thermoformed the material can change colour a little.

***** Decor with different properties. Please consult specialists.