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Solid Surface in Cruise Ship Interiors

When you choose to go on a cruise, you are hoping to receive pleasant emotions throughout the journey instead of simply getting from point A to point B. Therefore, the interior of a cruise ship must be breathtaking!
The field of cruise ship interiors is very specific and demanding. Solid surface is one of the materials certified by IMO (International Maritime Organization). Solid surface is used not only for splendid interiors but also for catering, bar and restaurant deck surfaces compliant with hygiene requirements where one material – solid surface – combines many advantages that other materials do not provide. A monolithic surface or counter of any size or design can be created; moreover, these products are also fire safety compliant.
Bar tables can be designed so that when the ship sways on big waves, spilled beer stays on the table instead of pouring onto the floor – this is achieved with special elevations along the edges of the table.
Solid surface is suitable for compact cabin toilets – unique design can be created for each ship – both for the surface and the sink, besides, so that it is comfortable to use in miniature space. It is perfectly suitable for high intensity use, for example, in public toilets or other rooms with high flow of people.

Solid surface is popular in ship interiors due to its unique combination of appearance and functionality. Solid surface is the most logical choice in places with high humidity, UV influence, aggressive environment, saltwater, and intensive use. Solid surface as surface material can be used on yachts, cruise ships, ferries, ocean liners, sea platforms – anywhere where the combination of quality, durability, functionality and neat design is required. Even though there is usually not much space on ships and their configuration is complicated, solid surface can be adapted to any forms.

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The following properties of solid surface can be highlighted in its use for ship interiors:

  • Solid surface is certified by IMO (International Maritime Organization);
  • Solid surface is highly resistant to UV and weather influence;
  • Solid surface is waterproof (including saltwater);
  • Solid surface is non-porous and the product is monolithic, which ensures that the surface is easy to clean, does not absorb liquids and substances;
  • Solid surface has homogeneous width and does not change colour or wear out during use;
  • Solid surface is resistant to everyday wear and serves perfectly for decades, preserving its excellent appearance.
  • Solid surface has a high level of fire safety;
  • Solid surface is warm and pleasant to touch.