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Solid Surface Sinks

When choosing the right sink for your kitchen or bathroom, you definitely need to consider its suitability to your everyday needs and lifestyle. When making a decision, consider the interior of your kitchen or bathroom and the size of the work surface. Is the room traditional or modern? These things will also influence the choice of the sink style. The surface can be the same colour as the sink, or you can choose different colours, highlighting the peculiarity of the interior.

Solid surface sinks offer advantages such as:

  • They are cleaned using cleaning solutions commonly found in households;
  • A sink of any shape or size can be designed;
  • The surface and the sink made of solid surface material will be a monolithic product, which will make cleaning easier and prevent accumulation of dirt in the seams.

Standard Kitchen Sinks

KORTE.LV, based on long-term experience, the different needs of the clients and furniture size in typical kitchens, has designed standard kitchen sink models. We offer various series: S – sinks with corner radius R80, K – sinks with corner radius R10, D – round sinks. We currently offer 24 standardized kitchen sinks of different shapes and sizes.

If you like working in the kitchen and wash your dishes by hand, we recommend a larger sink, but if you usually use a dishwasher, a medium-sized sink will be more appropriate.

Standard Kitchen Sinks with Metal Bottom

Combining the best properties of two different materials, offers solid surface kitchen sinks with metal bottom – the Combo series. Solid surface sink installed into the surface with invisible seams ensures easy maintenance, whereas stainless steel gives steely confidence of the sink’s ability to withstand almost any mechanical and temperature impact.

Standard Bathroom Sinks

We have designed standard bathroom sink models suitable for the most bathrooms. The sinks are glued into the surface with no visible seams; the placement of the sink in the surface can be adjusted to the design and technical requirements. We currently offer 26 standardized bathroom sinks of different shapes and sizes.

Surgical Sinks

Considering the specific nature of the work of medical institutions and the properties of solid surface, has created specially designed surgical sinks with the advantage of gently sloping shapes, which makes cleaning the sinks even easier. The sinks can be installed separately or combined into units. Sink units can be made in different sizes, with back and side panels.

Custom made Sinks

The wide colour palette and seamless joint technology of solid surface provide opportunities for bringing your boldest design ideas to reality.
Solid surface, functionally serving for everyday needs, is waiting to be touched by artists and the fearless who will challenge standards and dogmas.

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    Custom sinks

    Any custom design ideas are welcome